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August 15, 2006


202.jpgRussian summer season is very short, nice weather begins late May and doesn’t last long; we are getting first snow usually by the second week of October. This is a very busy time for our ministry as we trying to get the best use of nice weather for outdoor activities for the orphanage kids. This summer most of kids from the Shuya orphanage spent at the different summer camps in Ivanovo region so we are visiting them right there, at the camps.
In the beginning of August pastors Richard and Jill Booher from Nashville, Tennessee were visiting us in Ivanovo. On Sunday July 30 we assembled 4 local churches together for them to share with us on the subject of Body, Soul and Spirit. p1020430.JPGRichard and Jill brought many gifts from their church for kids at the Shuya orphanage, toys, candies, sport balls, etc., so the following Saturday all together we went to “Kleshevka” camp about 20 miles from Ivanovo. Our biggest concern was that the ice cream that we bought for all children would not melt while we were driving to the camp. Unfortunately kids at the orphanages are getting very poor quality food and never have ice cream. Wish you could see the ice cream feast when we arrived! “Thank you” just not enough to say for giving these moments of happiness to these children.

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