Mission Team from Annapolis

November 9, 2006


This story begins back in 2001 when I and Tanya met a lovely couple, John Paul and Billie Berry at the platform of Yaroslavl train station. Though our meeting was very short, it gave a start to a long-lasting friendship. Two years later John Paul and Billie visited us in Ivanovo and in 2004 and 2005 I visited them at Annapolis MD. That’s when our

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ministry was introduced to the Mariners’ Church and later on we became partners in our mission work in Russia and plans were made for the first mission trip to Ivanovo. Our Lord put these plans to pass and on October 4th 16 missionary’s from Mariners’ Church landed in Moscow airport. 9 days seemed like one moment and we all became one family in Christ, Russians and Americans. Together we went to the Shuya orphanage and ministered to children, to the Ivanovo Technological College with anti-abortion seminar, held family seminar for married couples, prayed and worshiped our Lord together.

p1020630.jpgTanya: I was asked by our new friends over and over again what house projects we have undone. Finally I said: well, if they want to help, our carpets can be vacuumed. That same day we had new stove bought and installed at our kitchen, carpet installed at the corridor on the 2nd floor, installed new lights at our bathroom and at the hall which we are using for our home church services. We want to thank you all for your sacrifice of time and finances, for all your love and care and we are looking forward to see you all next year!

We moved our Christian Bookstore

November 9, 2006

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For almost a year we have been negotiating with Silver City mall administration about reducing our rent payments and moving our Christian Bookstore to a better location. 80 % of the rent covers financial support we receive from our friends and partners in the United States. Our goal is to manage wisely finances God is giving us to reach Russia so when our monthly rent went up to $1200.00 I had

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to meet with the director of the Silver City mall to let him know about our decision to move to a different mall. Few weeks later we heard back from the administration of the Silver City mall. They offered us a better location in the new section of the mall with a better price. So we prayed, asking God for his direction and both felt that we should accept this offer. Though we had to do a lot of work to clean and paint

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and pack and move then unpack all our books and furniture we were able to accomplish all that within 3 days and our store was opened on November 3rd. Just in 2 days our store was visited by more customers than in a week at the old location! We praise our Lord for making this ministry more effective and fruitful! Please, keep the Bookstore in your prayers. Thank you.