Maslenitsa at the Shuya Orphanage

February 17, 2007

This morning we went to the Shuya Orphanage to be with kids and celebrate “Maslenitsa” – Russian pancakes day. Though the weather was very cold kids had tons of fun playing outside, eating pancakes and drinking hot tea cooked in Samovars – antique Russian pots working on chopped wood..

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Nastia Hmelovets (in the middle) got serious about faith while working at our bookstore at the Silver City mall and later on she received the Lord at our church service and became Tanya’s disciple. Nastia is 20 years old and she is a student at the Ivanovo University.While we were gone to the United States Nastia was running the bookstore and she did a great job. She comes with us to Shuya Orphanage as a part of the ministry team and she stays in touch with kids by mail as well.

Girls on the picture below are from the 9th grade; this May they’ll find themselves in a crisis situation – they will be forced to leave the security of the orphanage to the unfriendly world… Please, pray for them and please, pray for the Center for Orphans we wand to build in Ivanovo. You can read about this project on our website at the “Center for Orphans” section.


What can be more fun than riding a real horsy?

Another day is over at the Orphanage, home for 140 kids, a little world where they live and study. Kids that are desperately need love and care, like any other child in this world…
THANK YOU for helping us share God’s Love with these precious ones!

P.S. You can watch a VIDEO REPORT from Maslenitsa at the Shuya Orphanage simply by clicking PLAY at the window in the next post

Maslenitsa at the Shuya Orphanage (Video)

February 17, 2007

Online Art Contest winner is Alexei Lavrushkin

February 9, 2007

We got back home to Ivanovo safely and now it is time to stop the voting. OK, I know it was very hard to pick the best one because all of the art work was excellent. According to your votes, #2 Alexei Lavrushkin (24 votes) is our winner and he will be going to the Ivanovo Circus show on Feb 24 with #3 Sveta Zheehareva (23 votes) and #11 Timur Kaftannikov (11 votes). Please, come back for the pictures update.

alexei_lavrushkin_15.jpg sveta_zheehareva_10.jpg timur_kaftannikov_15.jpg