Please, Pray

March 22, 2007


j0283702.gifPlease, join us in prayer for the biggest ever outreach campaign we begin at the Silver City mall. All the time we keep hearing talks about the changes taking place in Russia but in spite of the political climate getting colder we have to press on and share His Truth with Russians like we never did before until it is still daylight!
In my hands you can see the “Ultimate Questions” brochure, which is the best Christian tract ever published in Russia. Within the next 4 weeks we are going to pass 8000 copies of Ultimate Questions right next to our Christian bookstore. Each brochure has a colorful sticker in the front page with the information about our bookstore and phone number of our church.
Please, pray for the Great Harvest of souls, for His protection over us as we go, for the open hearts and forever changed lives. Together we’ll impact Russia for Christ!

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