May 27, 2008

We are publishing new pictures from our visit with Shuya kids last week.
Pictures 1 and 2: Tanya is back! After having Mary our youngest daughter, Tanya was not going to the orphanage for a while. Kids were really missing her and each week I was going back home from the orphanage loaded with cards and letters addressed to Tanya. Now she is so excited to be back with kids!
Alexei and Tanya

Picnic in Suzdal and Summer Celebration for 1700 Orphans

May 12, 2008

Last Thursday we’ve rented a big bus taking 30 kids from Shuya to the ancient Russian town Suzdal for the openfield picnic. I am publishing few pictures from the picnic trip.

Also, last week I received  a phone call from the Head of the Ministry of Education over all orphanages in the Ivanovo region. She asked if we would like to join organizational committee for the huge celebration for ALL 1700 orphans from different orphanages in our region. This celebration is going to take place on June 1st at the Ivanovo circus. She said they don’t have gifts for the younger kids and asked if we could help buying toys. Will you please consider helping me with this project? Your gift of $5.00 will provide a toy present for one orphan.

Please, e-mail me at russia4christ@yahoo.com to let me know how many kids you would like to sponsor

Thank You Very Much!

Alexei and Tanya Kotchan

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