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Alexei is preaching at the Ivanovo central market, July 1992.

I became a believer in 1989 while I was living in Kostroma, very old Russian city were I was born and raised. In 1991 I dedicated my life to God and became a worship leader in my home church. In the summer of 1992 I moved to Ivanovo as a missionary to help with a new church plant.


Street evangelism in Shuya, summer 1993

Since then we began witnessing to the big crowds of people everywhere: on the streets and the market places, in big halls and people’ homes. In a few years we helped plant churches in our region and other pars of Russia: Ivanovo, Shuya, Furmanov, Kavrov, Murom, and Yaroslavl.


Graduation from Ivanovo Ministry Training Institute, 1995

In 1992 in Ivanovo I met the most beautiful girl in the world named Tanya who had moved with her family from Germany to Yaroslavl, Russia. At that time she was studying Fine Arts in Ivanovo Art College. Tanya became a Christian, and we were married on the 12th of May, 1993. In 1995 we both graduated from IMTI (Ivanovo Ministry Training Institute), and shortly after that I was ordained to be a pastor of the South-East “Iskra” Congregation in Ivanovo, Russia.


In 1997 our daughter Liza was born Tanya and I have been married for more then 13 years now and our marriage is very successful because from the very beginning our family was founded on God’s principles of marriage. Tanya has been a tremendous helper for my ministry. Motivated by her love for the Lord she has used all her talents and gifts in helping organize crusades, coordinating home groups work, counseling women (especially new believers).

For 9 years I served as “Praise and Worship” leader in my church.

Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth! (Psalm 96:1)

Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth! (Psalm 96:1)


Baptizing people in Uvod river in Ivanovo

Jesus said in Matthew 28:19-20: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”


God has really opened doors for me to organize many crusades where God was using me to preach the Gospel to thousands of Russian people to bring them to salvation in Christ. Included in crusades were outreaches targeting the young people of our city.
Ivanovo has a population of 630,000 and is known as a center of education with 5 Universities and many colleges. The present Russian youth generation is known as lost and hopeless. Unfortunately the majority don’t have any relationship with the Lord. Many are involved in the occult and false teachings. Many are on drugs. But we know that in a few years these young people will determine the future of Russia. Will these young men and women serve the Lord or become a weapon of the devil? I am convinced that there is hope and future for these young Russians! “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11) For our youth outreaches I invited New Jerusalem (#1 on the National Belorussian Chart) and Joshua — Christian Russian rock groups — to do the music before I preached about Jesus and His offer of salvation to our lost youth. The message of this music is pure evangelistic and preached the way that young people can relate to and better understand.


Continue winning souls for Jesus in

We have gone to the disco halls and night clubs and preached the gospel in these places where God moved the hearts of many youth to seek to know Jesus.


My congregation sharing the gospel

Mission “Jesus is the bread of Life” – we were passing free bread and gospels of John to people on the streets and teaching to live not by the bread alone.Only 12 years ago it looked impossible 15.jpgthat Red Russia could be opened for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, it looked absolutely impossible but with God all things are possible! (Matthew 19:26) Amid a climate of fear and anxiety, we can see after Communism collapse in 1991 how the Gospel of Jesus Christ came to Russia and how His church was established on Russian soil. Never in history of Russia has there been such powerful movement of God’s Spirit.


People were so hungry for the Word of God that even terrible winter weather couldn’t stop people from coming to church services. On the picture you can see people attended the service dressed in heavy winter coats. The hall that we rented at that time had a hole in its roof and snow flacks were coming through. Temperature inside was almost the same like outside.



Graduation from Haggai Institute, June 2000

In 2000 I and Tanya in 2004 both attended Haggai Institute training in
Maui, USA.
Main goal of this training is to help national leaders to become successful in the area of evangelism and to train others to do the same.


Leadership Training Seminars in

We held leadership Seminars in different Russian towns: Ivanovo,Murom,Tula, Furmanov, and Yaroslavl. We trained many Russian leaders on how to effective in Evangelism. We realized that Russians apposing people trying to tell them about God. They don’t reject Christ, HE is TOO GOOD! They reject the way they are being approached. They consider this approach as an attack of the western world on their culture.


Leadership Training Seminars in
That’ why we shared with Russian Christian leaders our experience of Communicating the gospel in context of the Russian culture, the importance of our personal integrity, Christian Family, Goal setting…


Alexei and Evgeny in the front of the rehab CenterThe rapid church growth was a result of intense street evangelisms – every week we were on the streets of our town passing Bibles and Christian tracts, preaching and praying for people, feeding the hungry and homeless kids. During this outreaches we met many people and Holy Spirit was working, changing people’s lives without us knowing. Ones after Sunday morning service was ended I was approached by the young man who said:” Alexei, do you remember me?” I didn’t recognize 17.jpghim. He said his name was Evgeny and he told me his story. Only one year ago he was a leader the gang which was controlling the part of town where church was located. One Saturday morning he came with his gang fully armed to the square to fight with another gang. The only problem was that we had a street evangelism on the same square that day which messed up their plans. I was preaching about God’s love and forgiveness. They were listening maybe for 20 minutes then left. Soon after that he have seen a dream, in his dream he saw me preaching and he heard a voice saying he have to find God this man is talking about. Soon after that he received Jesus. Evgeny was on heroin for many years with no hope to quite. Few months later God set him free from this addiction and later he became a chaplain in the rehab center near Ivanovo.



Since the year 2002 when Russia for Christ Ministries was started we traveled all over Russia preaching at the youth crusades, training leaders at the local churches, printing and distributing in many Russian towns “The Theme” Christian newspaper against abortions, and working in 3 orphanages in Ivanovo area. The biggest orphanage is at Shuya, 16 miles away from Ivanovo, where 150 children ages from 6 to 15 years old are living and studying. We’ve been preaching the gospel there, teaching kids about God, showing Christian cartoons on the big screen, playing with kids, teaching kids how to worship the Lord. Also with the help of our sponsors we were able to support each child with the nice colorful Children’s Bible. It was a great blessing for the children. Many times we’ve been asked by the 21.jpgdirector of the orphanage to help with different projects like buying the schoolbooks for children or with repairing of the facilities and every time we were able to help. Praise to our God!

Each child at the Shuya orphanage received nice and colorful Bible

22.jpg 123.jpg24.jpg2


1.Preaching at the Central market in Ivanovo 2.Youth Evangelism in
Murom with Joshua music group
3.Preaching at the Youth Summer Camp

25.jpg 26.jpg

Shuya orphanage director is our good friend. We discussed with him how we can help kids “to adjust to this world” which is a big problem for the orphanage graduates. Orphanage building is like a small prison for kids where they live, study, play and spend years without leaving this facility. That’s why we started to rent buses and take kids to picnics to different Russian towns. Our open field picnic in Suzdal brought tons of joy and happiness. Each child received bag with presents

271.jpg First Christian Bookstore in

In a year 2005 we opened a Christian bookstore in Silver City, the biggest mall in town which is very popular among young people and families with kids.

In our store we have a small playground for children were we’ll hold bible classes. It’s hard for a regular Russian person to attend church service different from the orthodox after long years of propaganda from TV and radio. We see our store as “a bridge” to the church for this type people that would never come otherwise. 281.jpgNow we allowed to do evangelistic work at the mall, passing Christian tracts, inviting Christian music groups to play at the mall, meet with people and share the gospel and do it all not on the street where snow and a cold winter weather but in the very nice room of our store, It’s like a small island of Christianity in the ocean of ungodliness and sin. It is obviously not a money making project and we already invested close to $10000 to get the store opened which was 4 times more then we thought it would take. But Lord was faithful to provide and meet all the needs!

29.jpg 30.jpg

Christmas Party for Children at the Shuya orphanage



The Theme – the first Christian newspaper in Ivanovo region.

In 2002 Tanya published the first issue of the Theme newspaper.
Russia has 8 millions abortions per year and it was our responsibility to present God’s point of view on this problem. For the last 4 years we had to print additional copies of this newspaper and we distributed The Theme 32.jpgin Ivanovo right to the apartments where people live, pass on the streets and at the colleges.




34.jpg 351.jpg

Seminars against abortions in college in Ivanovo.For the last 3 years we received many invitations to come to colleges to tell students about the danger of abortion: medical and spiritual, both. It is a very successful project and we had a chance to meet with at list 400 students just in one year. We have plans to increase our work in the next year as we reactive more invitations. 38.jpg





During our presentation we pass the silicon model of the baby which is the most shocking experience for students.Family seminars at theIvanovo

40.jpg 41.jpg

Sergey Gariachev and other children received gifts from our ministry, CD players and cameras for winning Christmas art contest that we sponsored


Boikov Family

In spite of tight budget for our ministry we send monthly support to other Russian ministers, one of them is Alexei Boikov. He and his wife Svetlana are pasturing 4 small churches in Varonezh region. They are doing great job evangelizing in villages and small towns.

43.jpg 44.jpg

When the new school year started the director of the Shuya Orphanage told me that children don’t have school book! He asked to help. With the help of our partners we were able an few days to get the required books.

47.jpg 45.jpg

Children from Shuya Orphanage. Aren’t they precious? Liza’s first début at Christmas “Socks Show” at the Shuya orphanage.


Before and after renovation at the Shuya orphanage. This bathroom was not repaired since the orphanage was built in 1940’. We want to thank one more time all partners who helped us.

It took more then $3500 to get this project accomplished. THANK YOU VERY MUCH from all children!

tyalet.jpg 48.jpg


Every weekend we are coming to the Shuya orphanage. On this picture you see our Christian Choir


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