March 15th 2005 we opened the first Christian book store in our town and in whole Ivanovo region as well! It is located in “Silver City” – the biggest mall in town which is very popular among young people and families with kids.

27.jpgAlthough our store has been opened just one year ago it already proved effectiveness as a perfect place for evangelism. People are coming to our store without prejudice, not in the hurry, they ask questions about God and the Bible and all we have to do is to share the gospel! Also we have a small playground for children were we hold bible classes. Yesterday one lady was buying books and asked Tanya if she knows any place for her little daughter to attend Sunday school. 28.jpgWould it be natural to invite her to our church service? Well, not so fast! It’s hard for a regular Russian person to attend church service different from the orthodox after long years of propaganda from TV and radio. So Tanya said that we’ll start a Sunday school right in the store and her daughter is invited! We see our store as “a bridge” to the church for this type people that would never come otherwise.

nt-red.jpg ev.jpg gold-ortodox.jpg

Now we allowed to do evangelistic work at the mall, passing Christian tracts, inviting Christian music groups to play at the mall, meet with people and share the gospel and do it all not on the street where snow and a cold winter weather but in the very nice room of our store, It’s like a small island of Christianity in the ocean of ungodliness and sin.

1-bibl1psd.jpgIt is obviously not a money making project and we already invested close to $10000 to get the store opened and we spend $1000 each month to keep it open. Our God was and is faithful to provide and meet all the needs.

Our Store is located at the “Silver City” Mall on the 2nd level, boutique #11, open 7 days a week 9.00 A.M. – 9.00 P.M.


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