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1.jpg15 years ago Tanya graduated from the Ivanovo College where she studied art. 4 years ago Tanya received an invitation from her teacher to hold seminars with 500 students. Since then we hold seminars there on the regular base, meeting many students and building long-lasting relationship. We were asked to hold series of anti-abortion seminars and family seminars. We keep receiving invitations to visit more schools and dormitories, wish we have more then 24 hours in a day – we simply don’t have enough time to go everywhere we invited! We 23.jpgnever try to hide our Christianity when we teach. All our seminars are based on Christian principles and all presentations have texts from the Bible. According to the Russian laws preaching is forbidden in Schools and Universities but God opens hearts and doors for preaching of the gospel. During our presentation against abortions students are shocked by the pictures they see because for most Russians abort is known as simple contraception but definitely not as murder of unborn children. 95 % of the Russian women had from 1 to 6 abortions and Russian land is polluted by innocent blood.

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“The Theme” – Christian anti-abortion newspaper we publish since 2002. We distribute this newspaper in Ivanovo, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Murom. Each student receive a free copy of the newspaper during our presentation at the college.


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