Praise Report and Prayer Request

June 30, 2009

Please, keep us in prayer as we continue outreach to the Russian Students. We are sending few pictures from the last Alpha outreach at the college’s dormitory.


You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. (Psalm 139:15)  Tanya shares her powerful testimony.


Each student receives a free copy of “the Theme” – Christian antiabortion newspaper that we publish.


 Also we began our free distributing of the New Testaments to the college students, Orphans and young people visiting our bookstore. We still need to buy 1500 copies; the cost of one copy of the New Testament in Russian is $ 5.00 and if you would like to help us, even with a small donation, please let us know.
Together we are planting seeds of His word into good soil, young people – the future of Russia!

Thank You Very Much for All Your Support and Your Prayers!

Alexei and Tanya.

Merry Christmas from the Kotchan Family

December 26, 2008


Now, More Than Ever, We Need Your Friendship, Partnership And Support!

December 12, 2008


Dear Friends, Seasons Greetings!
Its been a tremendous blessing for our family to be in the United States. We have enjoyed the freedom to worship with our brothers and sisters.
In the past year we have faced tremendous challenges for our ministry in Russia, because of the political climate and increased persecution of Christians.
I would like to share some of the challenges we have faced in 2008. As we have pursued God’s calling and purpose to share the Gospel with our people, and help the most helpless ones, our economy like yours has taken a hit. In the changes occurring in our government, we have continued to be blessed with favor from our Lord. Our needs are many, and as we see the orphans continue to grow up faster than we can help, our hearts cannot look away. These are our children, the hope and future of Russia. We are determined to continue to help as God provides. We thank you for sharing in this work.
In spite of the challenges we have accomplished great things together with God. The property was purchased for the farm, which will benefit the orphans, provide training in agricultural activities, providing both future employment and self reliance for these young people. The property consists of eleven and a half acres of rich farmland. We have already planted a garden, and thirty fruit trees. We have a plan for constructing the first building as a place for the orphans and volunteers to stay while out on the farm. The orphans, especially the older ones, are so enthusiastic some have even asked if they may stay at the farm and work after they graduate.
Our weekly outreach to the orphans is both evangelical and an avenue to present life skills. We are teaching young people how to make healthy lifestyle choices, and promote positive long term behavior change. The unique issues that these young people face also require special education such as how to avoid sexual abuse.
The Bookstore at the Mall is doing great! The computers have continued to be a great draw for the young people. It is a place where we meet the young people, build relationships and share Christ.
The College Ministry continues as a weekly time of Bible Study. Our Discipleship Group has celebrated its first year successfully. This group represents the most committed among our students. We have great hope and vision for the student ministry as a large part of our outreach.
I want to thank everyone for praying for Tanya. At the time of her mothers passing she really needed prayer. She has handled everything like a champion, but the hurts of life are real. Tanya is doing very well now and appreciates all your concern and prayers.
We are excited that this year was very fruitful. Our hope and prayer is to continue faithfully in the work God has given. We hope to take every opportunity that is possible to expand and increase the Kingdom of God. We truly appreciate and that you for your support, as friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, we could not continue without your help. Your financial support is essential to the welfare of these young people, their lives truly depend on you.
Our financial goal at this point is to raise 68,000.00 which will cover outstanding debts and the entire budget for 2009. This is extremely modest for the work God has enabled us to do. To put it simply, the Gospel is our life and your giving is the food, clothing, transportation and more, that we can offer along with the love of Christ and the message of God’s love, grace and salvation. We are stretched for resources, time, emotional, extra hands, and these are things that you, our supporters can’t give, but its your gifts that make it possible for us be the hands and feet of Jesus to our people.
This year we are asking for your special gifts, monthly or one time gifts. We ask that you would truly consider a little child, cold, hungry, lonely and afraid, and give within the means that God has provided for you to do so. This is not a “story” …it is the reality of life, it is as real as your next breath, and it was Jesus who taught us that “whatsoever you do to the least of these, that you do unto me”.
Spasibo Ogromnoe. Thank you VERY MUCH,
Alexei and Tanya Kotchan

We are planning a speaking tour for the United States

October 27, 2008

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to inform you about our plan to visit the United States in November 14, 2008 – January 15 2009. This time our whole family is coming including Tanya, Liza and Mary. Please, contact us at if you are interested in having us come to speak in your area.
Alexei, Tanya, Liza and Mary Kotchan.

Summer 2008 Update from Alexei and Tanya Kotchan

August 1, 2008

Children’s Day Celebration – The first event of the summer:

Greetings from Ivanovo – we are excited to write to you with a summer update! In the spring, Russia for Christ was invited by the Ministry of Social Affairs to sponsor a program for all the orphanages of Ivanovo region on June 1st, the annual “Day of Children’s Protection.” This year was historic, however, because not only were the orphans involved in the celebration, it also marked the largest gathering of Ivanovo’s orphanages: 1700 in attendance!

Please, click on pictures to enlarge

After fundraising and shopping for the event, we are so pleased to share with you that the day was a wonderful success. Even the mayor of Ivanovo came – he helped us give the toys out to the children! This event not only blessed the children, but was very significant to strengthen the working relationship between the Ministry of Social Affairs and Russia for Christ. As the political climate in Russia continues to decline toward Christians, and persecutions are beginning again, we thank God for the opportunity He has given us to strengthen this relationship, as we seek to continue the work He has called us to with these children.

Down on the Farm

As many of you know, we have been working on an idea that was posed to us from Vladimir Ivanivitch, the director of the Shuya Orphanage: a farm for the orphans, where they can learn to take care of animals, grow fruit and vegetables, etc. Most of the Shuya orphans have come from the villages and countrysides, and usually have some experience in working the land. However, being in the city has introduced them to many temptations to get them in trouble, drugs, cigarettes, and so on. And so, to keep them out of trouble, and to teach them provide for themselves (milk, eggs, vegetables, etc), and the idea of the farm was born.


We began to pray for land for this project. It has taken us over a year, and we are excited to report to you that we have secured 4.7 hectors of beautiful farmland! In addition our desire to build barns, chicken coops, etc., we are planning on building an orphan “bed and breakfast,” so to speak, where the children will come to stay and work for a period of time. Our volunteers will be living there, and it is our hope to reach the childrens hearts through this ministry. It will also be a place where people contemplating adoption could come and spend some time with the children.


Already, we have had the first team of Americans come, working hand in hand with the orphans planting a fruit garden. The group from Cincinnati and the children planted more than 30 fruit trees in one day! And of course, at the farm we had a great picnic and gifts for the children. We will keep you posted as we see the harvest God bringsfrom the gardens, and in the children.

One More Thing…

I have to share one more thing with you about the group that came from Ohio . During the time this group was here, we invited the college students (from the Alpha Class we teach) to the coffee shop one afternoon. The Russian students were there, and the Americans began to share their testimonies. In addition to our students hearing the Gospel, so did everyone else in the coffee shop! One man in particular, I would like you to pray for, a professional named Vladimir . We have exchanged phone numbers, and have already met together twice for discipleship! He is so close to giving his heart to Christ, please pray for him; we will keep you posted.

College Ministry Update

The Alpha Club continues to meet through the summer on Sunday evenings. The students are taking in the teachings on ethics, and the foundations of Christianity. Now comes a very serious prayer request for a young man named Alexander. Alexander is a 16 year old student, who has been actively involved, very close to giving his heart to Christ. I have had the privilege of meeting with him about twice a week for a couple of months now, and just last week I received a call from his father. He was irate and amid the strong language, he told me to stay away from his son, and if I will not, he threatened to kill me. He is a military man and made it clear to me he has access to whatever means he would need. However, our battle is not against flesh and blood. Alexander has not come to the meetings this week, please pray for him, and for his family.


Which Leads Us to the Bigger Russian Picture

I’m not sure how much American news reports on Russia , but it is important for you to know that our government has begun a campaign against anyone / any organization that is not Russian Orthodox. It doesn’t matter if you are Baptist or Mormon, if you are not Orthodox, you are labeled a “cult” and therefore an enemy of the state. And, the propaganda is strong, effective and far reaching. Covertly, Christians are being arrested again. Please, pray for the Believers here.


In the Midst of It All…

In the midst, the bookstore has made a final move into an excellent location in the Silver City Mall. To cut down on rent, we moved to a smaller location, but one with four Internet connections. The young people are always there, and we have opportunities to share Christ with them, and to give them the free literature to take with them.


August 20th is a big outreach event, with a singing group from Canada coming to perform in the mall. Pray for us as we are daily proclaiming the message of Christ, and for the hearts of those who will listen to the concert. We thank God for the opportunity to continue to share.


In Conclusion…

With all our hearts we want to thank you for your continued prayers and support. With the anti-Western message our government is pressing, American missionaries are not readily allowed in. Your support of this ministry helps us to reach Russia from within – Russians reaching Russians; thank you again for your prayers and support.

Alexei and Tanya Kotchan

Please, follow this link if you would like to send us your tax-deductible donation.

Thank You Very Much!


May 27, 2008

We are publishing new pictures from our visit with Shuya kids last week.
Pictures 1 and 2: Tanya is back! After having Mary our youngest daughter, Tanya was not going to the orphanage for a while. Kids were really missing her and each week I was going back home from the orphanage loaded with cards and letters addressed to Tanya. Now she is so excited to be back with kids!
Alexei and Tanya

Picnic in Suzdal and Summer Celebration for 1700 Orphans

May 12, 2008

Last Thursday we’ve rented a big bus taking 30 kids from Shuya to the ancient Russian town Suzdal for the openfield picnic. I am publishing few pictures from the picnic trip.

Also, last week I received  a phone call from the Head of the Ministry of Education over all orphanages in the Ivanovo region. She asked if we would like to join organizational committee for the huge celebration for ALL 1700 orphans from different orphanages in our region. This celebration is going to take place on June 1st at the Ivanovo circus. She said they don’t have gifts for the younger kids and asked if we could help buying toys. Will you please consider helping me with this project? Your gift of $5.00 will provide a toy present for one orphan.

Please, e-mail me at to let me know how many kids you would like to sponsor

Thank You Very Much!

Alexei and Tanya Kotchan

Please, click on pictures to enlarge

New Coats for Orphans

April 21, 2008

We want to thank all our ministry partners for your generous support and prayers. Together as we meet spiritual and physical needs of the Russian orphans we see their lives changing for ever!

Today I brought to the Shuya Orphanage new coats for all girls, clothing, and shoes. On the picture attached you can see girls from the 9th grade enjoying their new coats and saying: OGROMNOE SPASIBO! (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) All the kids were so happy!

Have a Blessed weekend,

Alexei and Tanya Kotchan


April 21, 2008
Greetings from Ivanovo , Russia from the Kotchan Family! We haven’t been sending any updates for a while and I just can’t wait to share with you our exciting news!
We moved our Christian book store to a new and great location in the Silver City Mall, we were able to purchase all new furniture and equipment and install 3 new computers connected to the internet which is bringing many young people to our store. I am going to send some pictures soon. Also, 2 months ago we started Alpha Club at the Ivanovo College where we are holding weekly discipleship outreach studies to students. While political climate is getting colder in Russia , our God is giving us so many unique opportunities to share the gospel with young people.
Our nonstop ministry at the Shuya orphanage is going great, I am sending pictures attached made yesterday at the first this year open field picnic. Although the weather was still pretty cold kids were thrilled to play outside and eat tasty pancakes with hot tea!
We want to thank you for your thoughts, prayers and for your generous support.
Alexei, Tanya, Liza and Mary Kotchan


Christmas Celebration at the Shuya Orphanage

January 16, 2008


Today we published a new video report from the Christmas Celebration at the Shuya Orphanage. Please, click on PLAY and enjoy this video.


Alexei and Tanya Kotchan.